It's always great to hear from folks who have booked us or heard us live and were kind enough to drop us a line.

  1. Troy Nichols

    AMAZING! You guys rocked the Shamrock BIG TIME last night. A late invite brought me in the door…and I was floored by the level of musicianship on stage. Rare to see a band have so much fun while working that hard (making it look easy too). And thanks for letting me jump in on Pride and Joy…you took a chance there. You guys (and Someone else) got me through it.

    • Thanks for showing up Troy! We enjoyed having you sit in with us. You had the crowd rockin’!

  2. Deena Greer

    I wish I could have been there too, to see you guys play..My husband can’t stop talking about how great you guys are!! See you all at the Shamrock soon!!!!

    • Gale did a great job. He’s a pleasure to play with. Very professional.

  3. Gale Greer

    It was great sitting in with the Mojo band last night…You all are very talented musicians…Thanks for having me there!!!

    • Hi Gale,
      Thanks for sittin’ in with us. You definitely got your Mojo workin’! Super good time. 🙂

  4. Michael Stichler

    Steve and Mojo Band members, You guys are the real deal. Keep it going. If you play it, they will come. Great renditions, especially of Petty’s MJ song. Steve: Jimmy McLeod is looking down on you with a huge Scottish smile. Dude of the JTT

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind words. As you can tell, we really enjoy it. Tell your friends! 🙂

  5. Elvis

    This band is awesome! They are a fusion of Lady Gaga and Betty White with a pinch of Ted Nugent. They really blew my hair back, and I’m already bald. Lock up your daughters and don’t eat too soon before swimming or seeing Mojo live!

  6. Mike

    These guys are good! It’s tough to go wrong with some old time Rock and Roll.

  7. Scott

    Mojo rocks!!!!!!!!

  8. Russ

    Great stuff. Lead vocalist is all over it. Some bands have it, most don’t. This one does.

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