Overview – Mojo is a band made up of like-minded individuals who love all types of music but have a special affection for blues-based rock, and classic rock from the 70’s and beyond. We’re talking the days of the British Invasion, the psychedelic era, Woodstock, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, CSN&Y, then on up to ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc. We mix it up with some reggae, and a little country twang now and then, and even a few Beatles tunes. But at the end of the day, as long as we can get our Mojo workin’, we’ll play it. We all love music and we all love playing music. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Technology & Equipment - Using cutting-edge technology and some of the highest quality equipment available, our audiences can expect an exceptional mix and sound quality that will rival the top touring pros.

Steve Clifton Steve Clifton – Lead Vocals
His range, tone, and phrasing make Steve an exceptional talent with a unique style perfectly suited to gritty blues-rock with an edge. Entertaining and soulful, Steve's performances are guaranteed to get your Mojo workin'.
?? Pending ?? – Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals
We're on the hunt for a lead guitar player. The little guy in the photo couldn't get his mom's permission to stay out late enough to play the bar gigs with us!     Gear:  Fractal Axe FX II, MFC-101 Midi Controller, Nord Keys
Joe Hinkens Joe ‘Big Daddy’ Hinkens – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
An admitted 'gear head', Joe's affection for all things technical keep him busy running the PA, monitor mixes, electronic percussion, guitar processors, etc, etc.. Doubling on rhythm guitar and background vocals, keeps him plenty busy once the show starts.   Gear: PRS Custom 22, Fractal Axe FX II, MFC-101 Midi Controller
Alejo Ddelgado Alejo ‘Ali’ Delgado – Bass, Vocals
Our resident 'Soul Man', Alejo brings some serious Mojo to the band.  A wonderful bandmate, and an integral part of the rhythm section, Alejo is always 'in the pocket'.   Gear: Music Man Sting Ray, Tech 21 Sans Amp RBI
Tony Tony Martinez – Drums
Rock solid and often touted as a  rhythm 'machine', Tony is very precise, yet full of flair and personality with his drumming style. He adds the 'punch' that is such a big part of the Mojo band.   Gear:  Jobeky Drums, Alesis Surge Cymbals, Superior Drummer 2.0 software


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